Full Spectrum of Chartered Surveyors and Consulting Professionals Offering Unsurpassed Value.

MHBC Cumming employs a team of highly skilled individuals from a broad range of professional disciplines. From building surveying and project management to cost control and building services engineering — and more! — our team offers unsurpassed value to clients throughout the U.K. and across Europe. No matter your project needs, we are able to draw from our collective experience and expertise to provide you with a tailored solution that gets results.


Client focus is central to who we are, and is a fundamental component of our success. We are in business because of our clients, and our future opportunities and successes depend on servicing our clients at the highest levels. We listen to our clients and provide services and solutions that meet their needs.

Team members are the life and blood of our organization. It has always been the combined experience and effort of our team members that has made MHBC Cumming successful. Knowing this, we hire only the very best people. At the same time, we do everything in our power to build a strong, rewarding environment that promotes both professional and personal growth, and that fosters long-term company loyalty.

Integrity is more than just operating within the parameters of the law: it is also about being ethical and moral. As one team member put it, “It not only has to be right, it also has to look and feel right.” At MHBC Cumming, integrity is about treating people and companies the way we want to be treated. It is about doing what we say we are going to do and following through. Simply stated, we do the right thing, always.

Quality has been and will always be our core differentiator. We have a culture of continuous improvement, whereby our collective progress as a company is achieved through the ongoing personal growth of our team members. It is not acceptable to cut corners or accept poor performance. It is expected that each MHBC Cumming team member holds one another accountable for the quality our clients expect from us. Through teamwork, hard work, and openness to new ideas, we continue to be recognized as the leader in quality services and solutions.