Bespoke Consulting Solutions

Cumming Group offers clients a comprehensive menu of integrated, à la carte services.

Our service philosophy is two-fold: first, if we can’t provide a service at a world-class level, we don’t provide it at all. Second, we can provide each of our services together in a comprehensive management role or deliver any customised mix of them in a way that meets your specific needs. This is why we have experienced project managers, cost specialists, building surveyors, and other property and construction professionals on our team — to ensure that we can support our clients across the entire property cycle, from inception to completion, with the expertise and flexibility they are looking for.

Project Management

Beginning during the earliest stages of planning and development, our team offers a proactive and hands-on approach that helps ensure each project is competently managed and superbly executed at every step.

We Offer

  • A skilled team capable of advising on every detail

  • Strategic thinking that unlocks commercial value

  • Proactive risk management and mitigation

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Cost Management

Cumming’s quantity surveying and cost control specialists utilise our own robust cost models and customisable estimating tools to provide information that is accurate, reliable, and easy to understand, ensuring that each of our projects delivers exceptional value to the client.

We Offer

  • Comprehensive QS and cost services through every project phase

  • Flexible cost models that fit your specific project

  • Procurement and cost control advice that maximises client profitability

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Building Consultancy

We combine our keen understanding of business and financial issues with thorough technical due diligence to successfully deliver new construction schemes, renovations, and historic restorations.

We Offer

  • Creative and strategic thinkers who focus on solving problems

  • Cultivation of strong relationships with all stakeholders, consultants, and statutory authorities

  • Proven ability to motivate and lead cross-functional teams to meet critical deadlines

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Employer’s Agent & Contract Administration

We act as the client’s principal point of contact throughout the entire lifecycle of a construction project. We provide expert, impartial advice to ensure that all key contractual requirements are understood and agreed upon, and that all issues are identified and addressed as soon as they arise.

We Offer

  • Expert contract knowledge and robust procedures to protect the client and project

  • Tight-knit integration with the client’s team to foster a close working relationship

  • Management of the entire process to ensure all project parameters are met

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Energy & Sustainability

Cumming provides energy, sustainability, and environmental services for all project types and through all phases of construction. We present our clients with tailored solutions that minimise impacts to the environment, achieve recognised sustainability metrics such as carbon net zero, and ultimately save money.

We Offer

  • Comprehensive energy services in the sustainability, engineering, and commissioning disciplines

  • Outside-the-box solutions to complex energy and sustainability challenges

  • Strategies tailored to reduce your carbon footprint and comply with UK and EU regulations

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Monitoring Surveyor

Our expert monitoring surveyors assess the project’s compliance with the design requirements and relevant construction standards — as well as its overall progress and quality — to ensure the final product is delivered in line with the client’s specifications and to protect their investment.

We Offer

  • Active, early involvement that helps projects avoid surprises

  • Objective advice and oversight that minimises lender risk

  • Comprehensive financial/lending, procurement, and construction expertise on one unified team

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Principal Designer / CDM Advisor

Through our principal designer and CDM advisor services, we provide guidance on construction design processes, mitigate risk without compromising quality, and make sure the project adheres to all applicable health and safety protocols and procedures.

We Offer

  • Collaboration with designers to identify and eliminate health and safety issues within the design

  • Coordination with the contractor to keep them informed of potential construction phase risks

  • Protect clients and their projects by helping them understand and meet their legal obligations

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